There are officially 7 school days left until Christmas! That’s only 7 more days where I have to put up with the kids singing Christmas songs, writing Christmas song lyrics instead of doing the work and even getting out wind-up Christmas toys.

Today was a good day; I had a meeting for the end of my first assessment period in the NQT year and found out that apparently I’ve had a really good start to the year and I have “many strengths”. It was especially good to hear this from the tutor who had done my last lesson observation and it was a lesson that I was sure had gone awful. It was the last lesson of the day with a year 10 group that can be hard work, and this observation came after a really awful day in which I had nearly cried in front of year 11. The source of my almost-breakdown? A year 11 boy who I have taught since last year and who has been giving me grief since our first lesson together. In this particular lesson, he had loudly proclaimed “I will start listening to you and behaving when you become a better teacher.” This is not new from him, he is often rude to me and tells me I can’t teach and that everything is my fault. But hearing this the day of my observation really didn’t put me in a good mood and of course the whole of my observation I was stood there thinking “What’s the point? I’m a rubbish teacher anyway.”

Other delights I have experienced over the past week include on Tuesday, a year 8 boy who had earlier walked out of my lesson after doing relatively little work and relatively lots of messing around, chasing other students, climbing on the table etc. decided to storm back in, wearing his coat and holding a “Christmas card” which was actually just green card folded up. I don’t know where he had got this from, but he had decided that that point in the lesson while I was teaching was the perfect time to make his dramatic re-entrance and write his card. Of course I was having none of this so proceeded to go over and take this “card” from him, which resulted in him screaming at me “Give back my card! You’re an idiot! You idiot!!!!” very loudly. He was thankfully then removed from my lesson permanently.

In other eventful news, a year 10 girl today decided that the best response to me asking why she had done no work in the lesson was to stick her middle finger up at me and then storm out of the lesson. Standard response then, cool.



Luckily last lesson of the day I was quite literally saved by the bell, when the fire alarm went off half an hour from the end of the lesson with my year 7s, notorious on this blog for causing me a great deal of stress last thing on a Friday. Although it was cold outside and a little rainy, it was at least a relief from dealing with their drama.

Of course it’s not all been bad, but unfortunately all the lessons that go fine do not make for interesting reading material. I did have a cool demonstration in my lesson last week though, the Briggs-Rauscher reaction, a reaction which magically changes colour continually before your very eyes. Luckily the year 8s enjoyed it as much as I did, and it did make me laugh when one boy started humming the theme tune to Harry Potter as we watched the beaker of solution change colours every few seconds as it was being mixed. Here’s a clip if you want to see the magic for yourself:

Anyway that’s about all I can manage for today- I have a pizza to eat, a cider to drink and some work Christmas drinks to get ready for. Tonight is the first of two work Christmas socials, which I guess almost makes up for having to put up with all of the Christmas songs and joy the kids are bringing to school. Almost.



2 thoughts on “Christmas is coming!

  1. Amazing video. Don’t let those little darlings get you down! In the end, you’ve got the power, the wisdom, not to mention the cool tricks up your sleeve.

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