With these long days and nights staying at home, it was inevitable that I would end up returning to blogging. This is my first post since July last year and a lot has changed since then. I am living in a new city, working at a new school and of course, the biggest change: the school closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Although the name of my blog ‘Teach First, Blog Later’ may feel irrelevant and dated now that I have completed the programme, I have chosen to continue posting here rather than start a new blog. Even with all of these changes, I am still a Teach First ambassador and therefore I am still passionate about the Teach First key goal of ending educational inequality. With the current situation, now more than ever it is vital that as teachers, we all do what we can to ensure the attainment gap between disadvantaged pupils and their peers does not widen any more than it already is.

With all of that being said, this blog will continue to be a place for me to document the everyday highs and lows of teaching, the great one-liners my students come out with, the funny and heart-breaking anecdotes and my feelings in the current climate. Of course all of these anecdotes will now be about the online teaching, but apart from that, nothing has changed.

I’m in the last few days of the Easter holiday, so admittedly I have not worked much over the past two weeks, but I am looking forward to the start of the summer term next week. It will be kicking off on Monday by going into school to supervise the students of key workers, my first time on the rota since the school closed. As all of the days blur into one these days, I am so paranoid about forgetting what day it is on Monday that I actually had a nightmare last night about that same fear. 

The rest of next week will involve getting back into the online teaching routine which I had just about developed before the Easter holiday. So far this has involved emailing my tutor group weekly to check they are alright, providing feedback on the increasing quantities of work that has been handed in and planning and uploading lessons for home learning.

Naturally, all of those tasks don’t quite fill the days like actual teaching manages to, so I have also been occupying my time with reading, brushing up on my limited GCSE French skills on Duolingo, binge watching The Mindy Project (not Tiger King like seemingly the rest of the world), too much social media and snacking and not enough home workout videos to counteract the latter. Here’s hoping that more healthy habits will develop as the lockdown continues!

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