It’s already been almost one week since the school year ended, marking the end of my two year Teach First journey. I feel that I owe it to my nine followers to write one final post to conclude my journey and I thought I better do that today, before I fly to Greece tomorrow and enter full on, relaxed holiday mode.

Two years ago, during my first ever lesson observation while I was still training, my feedback was that I needed to develop and find my “teacher persona”. I didn’t really know what this meant and felt like it was just a constructive way to tell me that I needed to not be a bumbling, embarrassed mess stood at the front of the classroom. During my first year, I was still struggling to develop that elusive “teacher persona” and came very close to just giving up completely.

However, two years on, I am so happy that I did not give up and I am happy with the teacher that I have become. Although I was not liked by all, in fact, some students even disliked me so much that they went to the effort of printing out a sheet in my lesson that said, “I dislike Miss (me) with a passion XD”, the sweet leaving cards from a few students more than made up for the hatred others showed towards me. Even a year 7 girl who I have had many battles with this year proudly presented me with a very melted bar of Dairy Milk on my last day, which was an unexpected surprise.

Others’ goodbyes were a little less touching, like a year 9 girl who said she would miss my outfits, before adding “and you” as an afterthought. Still, I do appreciate the plentiful feedback that my classes have offered on my outfits the past two years. I never expected to receive so many comments on my clothes, but it really has been a big part of the teaching life so far. It got to the point where students felt they knew my wardrobe so well, the day that I wore trousers for the first time in a while, I received several “Why are you wearing trousers?” from confused students. I also stopped wearing a dress with a lemon print because it caused too much distraction for the year 7s who found it hilarious to say “boo lemons” whenever I walked back into the room.

When I then suddenly wore my hair down one day for the first time in months, you can imagine the confusion and uproar that also caused. So many comments of “you look really different”, “it looks so nice”, “you don’t look like Miss” and, the funniest response, a year 8 who walked into the classroom and actually ran her fingers through my hair like “oooh this is nice.”, to which I responded errrrr can you not do that, thank you.

Anyway, the past two years have been an amazing and unforgettable experience for me and I am excited to continue my teaching journey in a new school from September. As for this blog, I am undecided whether to carry on with this one, start a new one, or just give it up completely but whatever I do, I wanted to at least wrap this one up and end things positively.

My posts have not always been positive, as they have accurately documented my highs and lows of the two years, but I am very happy to end on a high. I have actually completed Teach First, successfully passed my NQT year and gained my Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) with a distinction overall. Plus, I now have five weeks of holiday to enjoy, and what’s not to love about that?

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