Teaching is a job where I feel like I am always learning new things. Sure, a lot of those things come from the professional development sessions which are meant to help us continually improve our teaching, but I also learn a lot from the students themselves. Here are just a few things that I’ve learned in the first 8 days back after Easter.

  1. There is graffiti about me in the girl’s toilets

While on duty by the gate after school last Friday, a year 8 girl that I used to teach came up to me and we had the following exchange:

Her: There’s always stuff written about you in the girl’s toilets.

Me: What do you mean?

Her: It says “Who likes Miss (me)?”

Me: Really?… Well what do they say?

Her: I don’t know. Bye!

Thanks for that, bye then. Guess I should take it as a compliment they’re taking the time to write about me… maybe?

  1. The definition of ‘linking’

Thanks to year 9, I discovered the meaning of ‘linking’. If two people are linking, it means that they are talking and are close, on the verge of getting together, but not actually dating. Nothing else to say about this one, but the more you know!

  1. Some of my students do not know how to tell the time

When a year 7 girl asked me what the time was this week, I told her it was a quarter to two. She responded with “I don’t know what that means.”. Confused, I asked what she meant, and she explained she knows what half past and on the hour means but she just did not understand the concept of a ‘quarter to’. I hoped that she was joking but sadly she was not. When I was telling this to a girl in my year 8 form the next day, she also admitted she did not know how to tell the time either, as she doesn’t need to because her phone gives the digital time. Madness.

  1. Year 7s care way more about certificates than year 8s

Our science department’s new rewards initiative is to give out certificates and bronze, silver and gold pin badges when students reach certain numbers of house points (reward points) in their science lessons. When giving these out to classes this week, it was interesting to see that my year 8s were cringing when receiving their certificates and badges, while year 7 literally started jumping up and down and screaming in celebration. Although the screaming was a bit much, it was actually really nice to see them get so excited about their science rewards.

  1. Kids follow beauty tutorials on YouTube… and it doesn’t always go right

It was 3.15pm on Friday afternoon and I was just finishing off some work in my classroom, when I heard a knock on my door and see three year 7 students there. They wanted to borrow some scissors and when I asked the reason why, one girl explained she needed to cut the end off her Kylie Jenner eyebrow pencil because her eyebrows had rubbed off and she needed to fix them before they all went to McDonalds, but her pencil had run out so she was trying to get the last little bit out of it. Obviously. When I asked what was wrong with her natural eyebrows, she explained that the other day she had watched a YouTube video about trimming eyebrows but it had gone a little wrong and when she went to cut them, she had ended up with chunks missing out of each eyebrow. For anyone who has seen the film Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, you’ll be reminded of the scene where Georgia has a similar mishap involving a razor and her eyebrows. Despite these girls only being about one year old when this film came out in 2008 (WHAT), luckily they had seen it so could appreciate that yes, this girl was indeed like Georgia.


  1. Spoilers about Avengers: Endgame the DAY after it came out

The last thing that I have learned since being back at school is, with a heavy heart and much sadness, spoilers about Avengers: Endgame, the day after it had come out. These spoilers weren’t even overheard from someone talking about the film, no, they came from a year 9 girl who came into the lesson and just announced them to me. The worst thing about this was that she hadn’t even seen the film and had just googled the ending so she could be the worst person ever and spoil it for people. Her reaction when I told her that wasn’t a very nice thing to do? “It’s a film, get over it.” I’m still plotting my revenge for that one.

One thought on “6 things I’ve learned so far this term…

  1. The usual blend of eye-opening insights into today’s teenagers and laugh-out loud funny comments…. keep them coming!


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